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Way Out West, Inc.'s knowledge of construction techniques, fabric qualities and resource management enables us to service many different types of sewing and assembly needs across a broad assortment of industries.


We create protective clothing such as hoods and body armor for many major manufacturers, law enforcement and EMS agencies, pharmaceutical companies and military sub-contractors. We have refined design prototypes and produced millions of protective hoods, many of which are made of DuPont™ protective materials such as Tychem® and Tyvek®. These products require complicated, detail-oriented construction techniques and must meet extraordinarily high quality and inspection levels. Hood variations include single or double bibs, the ability to work with respirator masks, and welding hoods. We can create many of the accessories that accompany the hoods such as carrying pouches, face seals, and adjusted, felt-lined hood bands.

Products: Protective Hoods, Respirator Hoods, Body Armor

Fabrics/Materials: DuPont™, Tychem® and Tyvek®, nylon, DuPont™ Lycra, spandex, Kevlar, nylon Cordura®, Velcro® brand fasteners, Duracote, and felt.

Construction Techniques: Lockstitch bartack machine, overlock, topstitch, die-cut press, taped seams

VELCRO® is a registered trademark of Velcro Industries B.V.

Reusable Tyvek ® and Tychem ® Grocery Bags, Shopping Bags, and bags for promotional events

We have years of extensive experience creating custom ordered reusable Tyvek ®, and Tychem ® bags that are both functional, tear free, light weight, wipe clean, and can be branded with your company's logo, slogan or artwork. We have designed and produced custom Tyvek ®, and Tychem ® shopping bags for grocery stores, large retail apparel chains, pharmaceutical companies, and promotional events.

Products: Reusable bags, recycled bags, shopping bags, Tyvek ® custom bags, Tychem ® custom bags.

Fabrics/Materials: DuPont™ Tychem ® and Tyvek ®, webbing, screen printing, thermal transfers

Construction Techniques: Lock stitch, bartack machine.


We have extensive capabilities and expertise in the manufacture of military ammunition bandoleers. We use proprietary machinery and processes that we have developed in order to make our bandoleer production extremely efficient. Our production process is scalable and capable of producing very large quantities of these items.

Products: C4 (Canada), M2, M3, M4, M8, M249 Bandoleers

Fabrics/Materials: We use both 60% / 40% poly/cotton and 100% polyester (woven and non-woven) foliage green color 504 fabric per military specifications and all raw materials used in the manufacture of these items are Berry Amendment compliant.

Construction Techniques: Lockstitch bartack machine, overlock, topstitch, die-cut press, taped seams

Construction Techniques: Lock stitch machine, Box stitch machine, Bartack machines, Hot knife, RF Sonobond welding, other proprietary techniques and methods.


The airline industry is large and growing. We have produced high quality, durable items including vinyl cargo doors, pouches, and straps.

Products: Cargo doors, pouches, and straps.

Fabrics/Materials: Vinyl

Construction Techniques: Single needle and overlock machines, folder attachments, pocket setup machine, 5-thread overlock, etc.


Creating products for newborns and toddlers poses special challenges. The products must be safe, comfortable and durable. We have refined the design and produced some of today's most popular baby products. Our work includes Baby Slings, which carry a child comfortably in the front, and re-usable "Pocket" diapers, which are stylish, comfortable and machine washable. Clients come to us in the early product development stages, needing to move production to a facility large and responsive enough to meet the escalating demand.

Products: Slings, Pocket Cloth Diapers, Diaper Inserts, Diaper Pail Liners.

Fabrics/Materials: Waterproof fabrics such as laminated polyurethane, polyester suede cloth, resin double snaps.

Construction Techniques: Overlock machine, topstitch machine, kick-press machine, enclosed elastic, serged seams.


We have created many specialty items for a variety of industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical, electronics, medical, manufacturing and promotions.

Products: Jean jackets, coveralls, hospital scrubs, pouches.

Fabrics/Materials: Denim, polyester, cotton/poly blends, anti-static, and more.

Construction Techniques: Single needle and overlock machines, folder attachments, pocket setup machine, 5-thread overlock, etc.

MANUFACTURING: Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Automotive & Electronics

The electronics industry creates many of their products in "clean rooms" which have special clothing and materials requirements. We have produced anti-static jackets and other apparel and pouches to meet these needs. Similarly, automobile manufacturing requires protective clothing to protect the individuals exposed to paint and other chemicals. For these companies we have produced large volumes of hoods and other protective clothing

Products: anti-static jackets, coveralls, supplied-air protective hoods.

Fabrics/Materials: Anti-static materials, carbonized nylon, polyester, leather, PVC, Poly Rib 1X1, webbing, Duracote, DuPont™, Tychem® and Tyvek®.

Construction Techniques: Heat sealing, topstitch, die and hot knife cutting, etc.


For large corporations and promotional supply companies, we have applied logos to items and created custom products for sales meetings, rewards programs and other corporate events.

Products: Logo application for canvas bags and t-shirts.

Fabrics/Materials: Denim, 100% cotton, nylon, vinyl.

Construction Techniques: Two needle machine, lockstitch bartack machine, etc.


Sporting good manufacturers have worked with us to create apparel and accessories.

Products: Apparel and accessories such as bike shorts, bike covers and duffle bags.

Fabrics/Materials: Neoprene, nylon, DuPont™, Lycra®, spandex, synthetic rubber (elastic).

Construction Techniques: Overlock machine, cover stitch machine, etc.

Ebola Personal Protective Hoods and Equipment

Way Out West manufactures personal protective products that our nation's healthcare workers use to protect themselves when treating patients with infectious diseases such as Ebola. Please contact us for more information.

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